Google’s upgrade of AI chatbot Bard could change search

Users can draft an email in Bard and export it to Gmail and Google Docs with new export functions

Bard will sport new source citation annotations starting next week. It also has a dark theme which makes it easier to interact with developers

And developers will soon be able to export and run code with Replit, a collaborative SaaS browser.

To help Bard respond and assign in a way that Google is more efficient than other LLMs and improves interactions between humans and chatbots.

Separately, Google Search will see a Generative AI upgrade, enabling users to get interactive answers to specific queries

When the new Search Generative Experiences feature recognizes a query, Generative AI can respond

The cloud and search giant unveiled these new developments, along with several others, at its Google I/O conference this week, including making Bard available in Japanese and Korean.

What is interesting though is that Google has built in more integration with third-party capabilities similar to some of the plugins offered by OpenAI.

It is optional for Google to turn Bard into a commercial service. Meanwhile, Google is firmly focused on "traditional" search and its Google Cloud Platform, the third-ranking public cloud behind AWS and Microsoft.

"What they're hoping to see is that people will see the new Google search experience as a more intuitive and interactive and natural way to find information," Curran said.

"It's understandable that Google took a more cautious approach in how it wanted to integrate this technology," Kuran said.